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First National Bank of Waseca
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Transaction Information

Tagging Transactions

Adding tags to your transactions allows you to track your spending. 
To add a tag, click on a posted transaction in the Transactions listing and then click Add tags.
Screenshot showing Transactions details.

Select the tags you want to apply to the transaction or click Add tag to create a new one. You can apply multiple tags to a transaction.
Screenshot showing Add tags boxes with one having a tag being added.

Choose if you want to apply the tag to a single transaction or all similar transactions.
Screenshot showing box asking if tag should be applied to a single or all similar transactions.

Searching for Tags

Tagged transactions will show the tag in the Transaction listing.
Screenshot showing a transaction with the tag Groceries applied.

To view only your tagged transactions, click the Search transactions button in the transaction listing and enter "tag:" and the tag you want to search for.
Screenshot showing Transactions listing with a search for the tag Dining.

You can also click Search and sorting options to open the Advanced search box and select the tags you want to find.
Screenshot showing the Advanced search box with the tag Groceries selected.

Add Notes to Transactions

Want to remember what a transaction was for? You can add text notes to your posted transactions to remind you what the transaction was for.

Click on the transaction in the Transaction listing and click Add notes.
Screenshot showing a note being added to a transaction.

Add Images to Transactions

Need to save a receipt or other important information about a transaction? You can attach an image to a posted transaction by snapping a picture with your mobile device or uploading it through your computer. The image will be saved with that transaction for as long as you need it.

Click on the transaction in the Transaction listing and click Add images. You can add multiple images to each transaction. To view the image, just click on its thumbnail to see it full size.
Screenshot showing the image of a receipt added to a transaction.