MyPay Bill Pay

We’ve upgraded our bill pay, now called MyPay, and have added some exciting features! MyPay offers more payment scheduling options, person to person electronic payments, gift payments, and eBill presentment. MyPay features include:

  • Secure transactionsMyPay Business Also Available
  • 24 hour access
  • Requires no stamps, envelopes, or mailing
  • Rush payments
  • Person to Person electronic payments
  • eBill Presentment
  • Gift payments with a variety of card options

Pay Individuals

Pay your babysitter, the neighbor who mows your law, or pay back a friend for picking up the tab. MyPay allows you to choose when and how to send a payment to anyone.

  • Send a payment electronically or by check
  • Securely pay anyone by entering their account information or allowing them to enter it themselves
  • Pay one-time or schedule recurring payments

Pay Bills

Save time and money by scheduling payments online. Handle your bills in a matter of minutes and review pending and past payments.

  • Pay virtually any business in the United States
  • Flexible payment scheduling options
  • Set reminders for bills
  • See all payments and reminders at a glance in a calendar or list view
  • Receive eBill information from supported billers


Send gift checks or charitable donations. GiftPay gift checks cost less than most greeting cards but still offer a range of colorful designs to suit the occasion and the option for personalization.

  • Choose from a variety of special occasion gift check designs
  • Add personalized messages to the recipients
  • Send donations in memory or appreciation of someone you wish to honor