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First National Bank of Waseca
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Debit Card Controls

By using First National Bank's MyBank Anywhere app, you can easily control your debit card using your dashboard. If the Card Management card is not displayed on your dashboard you can use the Organize dashboard control at the bottom of the Dashboard to add it.

Screenshot showing the Organize Dashboard control at the bottom of the dashboard page.

Marking a Card as Inactive

Screenshot showing the Card Management dashboard card with one card marked as Inactive.Selecting the toggle switch after the card name will switch a card between being Active or Inactive. Cards marked as Inactive will deny any transactions made on the card. However, recurring transactions may still go through as well as any deposits.

This means you can lock a card when you are not using it to prevent any fraudulent transactions. You can also use this to temporarily protect a card that has been lost. When you find the card again you can easily turn it back on.

Report Card as Lost or Stolen

Clicking on the card name on the Dashboard control will show the full controls for the card. If your card is stolen you can permanently disable it by marking it as Lost/Stolen. Please note that once this is done a card cannot be reactivated. You will need to contact First National Bank for a replacement card.

Screenshot showing the advanced Card management page with options for reporting card as lost or stolen.

Travel Notices

Travel notices help alert the fraud center if they detect your card being used outside of your normal area. You can add a travel notice to your card from the menu on the Card Dashboard control or from the Settings menu under your user profile picture.

Screenshot showing the Card Management dashboard card with the menu activated showing the Travel notices option. Screenshot showing the Settings page with the option for adding a Travel notice selected.

Select Add Travel Notice. Enter your destination and dates you will be traveling and then select the cards you will be traveling with. Once your notice is set, you will get an email confirmation of the details.

Screenshot showing a travel notice being added to two cards with Destination and Dates fields filled out.

If you are planning international travel, please contact the bank to ensure your card will work internationally.