Bluejay Debit Card

First National Bank cares about education and is proud to partner with our community to make a positive difference in our schools. The Bluejay Debit Card does just that! In 2004, the Bluejay Debit Card was created in response to the mounting budgetary needs of Waseca schools. The Debit Card, emblazoned with the Waseca Schools Bluejay logo, promotes school pride and generates income for the Waseca school system with every purchase.

Every time the card is used to make a point of sale purchase, First National Bank donates a percentage of the interchange fee back to Waseca schools. The card provides funds for programs and supplies that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

Items purchased with funds provided by the Bluejay Debit Card include:

  • Projection systems
  • Amplification systems
  • Laptop computers
  • Outdoor equipment
  • Document imagers
  • Defibrillators
  • Education software
  • New curriculum

The Bluejay Debit Card has made a lasting impact on our community and our school system with over $300,000 donated! Through continued card use, First National Bank hopes to increase the funds donated to our schools every year.

The Bluejay Debit Card makes giving back to your schools easy and can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted, and you can access your cash anywhere with free usage at any MoneyPass ATM.

For more information on our Bluejay Debit Card and how you can help our local schools, click here.

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