MyPay Business Bill Pay

Manage your businessís bills faster and easier with MyPay Business Bill Pay. Securely schedule payments and delegate billing tasks from your PC or mobile device.

A Better Way to Pay Bills and Invoices

Business online bill pay lets you control what is paid, how much is paid and when itís paid.

  • Make payments more quickly and easily and gain greater control over cash flow
  • Get anytime, anywhere access online for more convenience paying your bills
  • Depend on added security because paying bills online is safer than mailing checks 
  • Save time by conveniently importing payees from Quicken® or QuickBooks®
  • Pay multiple invoices for a single payee all at one time and account for them in a single location
  • Easily set up recurring payments for monthly bills

Delegate Tasks and Set Permission Controls

You maintain control of all the settings.

  • Delegate the payment tasks you want such as paying utilities and suppliers, running reports or accessing payment history
  • Set permission controls so youíre always in charge of who can make payments, which payments they can make, and the maximum payment amount
  • Set up final approvals so you can give the go-ahead before any payments are made

Handle Payroll Tasks and Pay Employees Electronically

Setup employees or contractors and schedule payrolls.

  • Setup employees as hourly or salary
  • Schedule regular or extra pay days
  • Cost effective solution for direct deposit
  • Split deposits between two different accounts

Instant Information with Customized Reporting

Access the info you need whenever you need it.

  • Run audit reports and customize them for the precise payment information you need
  • Track your company spending and payment history in just a few clicks
  • View the payment activity of authorized users and keep track of the payments they have made 
  • Greatly reduce your paperwork and minimize manual record keeping