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Application Checklist

To simplify and expedite the loan approval process, please bring the following items with you when you meet with a loan officer:

  • Two current and consecutive pay stubs showing year to date income
  • W2's for the past two years
  • If retired, Social Security award letter or pension statement
  • Two most recent statements for all deposit accounts including: checking, savings, money markets, investments, IRAs. Please forward all statement pages, even if blank.
  • Optional - A completed application (see form above)

Tips for Homebuyers

  • Make an appointment with a loan officer to discuss your options. First National Bank offers fixed and variable rate mortgages as well as a variety of customized loan products to fit your needs.
  • Organize your paperwork including pay stubs, W2's, tax returns, and bank and investment statements. See our Application Checklist for additional documentation needed at your first appointment.
  • Know your budget. Review monthly expenses such as rent, utilities, entertainment, clothing, food, and transportation.
  • Work with First National Bank to find out how much you qualify to borrow and what mortgage option is right for you. Ask your loan officer to carefully explain payment options, rate adjustments, and other loan features so you aren't surprised by future possible payment increases. Don't be taken in by promises of low payments and 100% free financing.
  • Always request a written good faith estimate to compare the real costs of your mortgage including interest rate, monthly payments, and closing costs.
  • Get pre-approved. This will help you shop for a home in your budget and show sellers that you are a serious buyer.